Recent writings

With Bordeaux en primeur, life has been busy to say the least. Alongside my initial thoughts and growing season report, I’ve tasted as much as I could of the vintage and penned an overview of Bordeaux 2020, based on the wines and many conversations with the region’s vignerons. It’s a fascintating vintage to dig into, and one that I think has produced some excellent wines that fit neatly with my palate (a little more restrained, elegant and fresh than some other top-rated years).

In amongst it all, and just before his Vinous report on Bordeaux 2020 was due to be published, I sat down (via Zoom, of course) with Neal Martin. Despite my best efforts, I got no early titbits on his view on Bordeaux 2020; I did however get to dig into his back-story, how he approaches writing, why his passion for music matters, and the tricky business of access in the world of fine wine. You can read the full feature here.

Last but not least, this week the Guild of Food Writers named me the winner of their 2021 Drinks Writing Award. I can barely believe it given the very stiff competition in the category from the fabulous Fiona Beckett and Lily Waite (founder of Queer Beer): do check out their excellent work.

I’m hoping to get back to some restaurant reviewing and other feature-writing: more to follow soon…


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